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AlgoSecure, field service provider France Relance

AlgoSecure is referenced Field Provider and accompanies beneficiaries in securing their information systems as part of the France Relance's Cybersecurity pathway. Piloted by ANSSI, the France Recovery Plan was launched in September 2020.

The cybersecurity component of this plan has the objective of « strengthening the security of government agencies, local authorities, healthcare institutions and public organizations while boosting the French industrial ecosystem. » This aims to give an impulse to the sustainable investment of the beneficiaries.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Cybersecurity course - France Relance?

This plan is aimed at local and regional authorities (municipalities, communities of communes and intercommunities, metropolises), organisations serving citizens (social, health, training, audiovisual, security) and health establishments.

What are the steps of the Cybersecurity course?

  • A pre-diagnosis is performed allowing an assessment of the cybersecurity level and directs you to a path (see below).
  • We contract together.
  • Initial pack : we accompany you in cybersecurity training and audits actions, and then draw up a securitisation plan (identification of worksites for further support) with you.
  • Relay packs : we continue the process by implementing the measures previously identified.

The Cybersecurity course to raise the level of security

4 tracks are offered based on the organization's cybersecurity needs and challenges.

  • The Foundation Path is suitable for organizations with limited resources.
  • The Intermediate Path is for organizations that want to recruit a cybersecurity referent or have an in-house referrer and need to upgrade their skills.
  • The Advanced Path is suitable for organizations incorporating a dedicated person/cybersecurity specialist.
  • The Enhanced Path is for organizations operating a service level comparable to that of a critical or vital information system.

What are the financing terms?

France Relance and ANSSI finance the initial pack in its entirety, then co-finance the relay packs.

What are the application procedures?

  • You apply on the Simplified procedures platform. The platform will be open until the 2nd half of 2022, subject to budget availability.
  • You will then be asked to complete a short questionnaire to confirm your eligibility.
  • You are connected with a coaching provider to begin the cybersecurity journey.

Why choose AlgoSecure?

  • We have a strong experience in ISS support for local authorities and public organizations.
  • We are already acting as a field service provider within the framework of France Relance.
  • We are PASSI qualified, which attests to our skills and our care as auditors.

For more information, you can visit the official website France Relance.

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