Our audit services

Within our offensive team, our catalogue of auditing missions is varied: you will find internal pentests (LAN), compliance audits or reverse engineering missions.
Please see the details below which describe our support in your information system security assessment and provide you with the associated white papers for each audit type.

Web application audits

We do audit and pentests in order to evaluate the security of your websites and web applications.

Mobile application audits

We do audit and pentests in order to evaluate the security of your Android and iOS applications.

Internal networks (LAN) audits

We are searching for vulnerabilities in your internal network or your physical offices, and we are helping you to address them.

Red Team audit

We simulate a real attack to test the overall security of your information system.

Cloud infrastructure audit

We are auditing your IP ranges as well as your cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, ...) so as to rate their security level.

Compliance audit

We are auditing the compliancy of your systems (servers, workstations, networks, ...) according to referential frameworks.

Code security audits

We are auditing the source code of your applications in order to find standard vulnerabilities.

Audit of IoT environments

We assess the security of your IoT environments and smart devices.

Industrial systems audits

We are auditing with a lot of care your industrial systems, their network and the gateways granting access to them.

GDPR compliance audit

We audit your personal data handling processes and list the points that are not compliant with the GDPR.

Reverse Engineering

We perform reverse engineering to understand malware or discover vulnerabilities in your applications

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