Computer emergency

Computer security incident declaring form

If you fell victim of a computer security incident within your company, you can contact us:

Data confidentiality

The data you send us regarding incidents remain confidential.

We encourage you to cipher your messages by using our PGP key. If you wish to give us files, we advise you to send us a ciphered container or a password-protected file whose password will be sent ciphered or by phone.

What information should you provide us?

Here are a few questions to guide your thoughts:

  • When (date and time) was the incident executed?
  • Did you notice the incident immediately or later? How did you notice it?
  • What's the source of the incident: internal, external, from what IP address, from what email address?
  • What is the target: a server, a workstation, a user?
  • Are you able to provide logs that show traces of the incident?
  • What's the impact on the business continuity? On the data?

You don't have all the answers? Contact us anyway, we'll discuss it together.

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