AlgoCERT - Computer Emergency Response Team

AlgoCERT is a private computer emergency response team for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities. It is operated by AlgoSecure, a team of experts in computer security, system and network administration based in Lyon, France.

AlgoSecure allies performance and humanism to help organizations improve the security level of their information systems as well as the security awareness of their employees.

Its mission are to:

  • support companies when they experience computer security incidents
  • gather intelligence from incidents
  • help organizations assess and improve their security level
  • Our web application Vuln inform its clients when vulnerabilities related to their products are released
  • provide resources to train users to computer security
  • exchange information and cooperate with other CERTs/CSIRTs

Our RFC2350

Click on the following link to read our version of the RFC2350 (signature).

Do you wish to declare a computer security incident?

Authorized to Use CERT(TM) CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University

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