Assisting our clients towards their security goals

AlgoSecure accompanies you in the deployment of solutions that secure your information system.

We offer to our clients and partners our consultants that can work in their IT departement for short or long periods. We currently have several engineers working at big French companies.

We help our clients in a broad variety of missions, like:

  • Assisting you during a safe digital transformation
  • Assisting you for the implementation of a secure infrastructure
  • Proof-of-concept of innovative solutions
  • Secure applications development support
  • Recurring audits and penetration testing
  • Writting security guidelines (OS and applications)
  • Analysis and inquiry of security incidents through a CERT
  • Analysis of IPS/SIEM events

Our team works during each phase of the deployment of a secure infrastructure, from researching and advising you about security solutions to securing existing technical infrastructures in production.

We help our clients during the call for bids phase as contracting authority support. We work ahead of a project to write security specifications, and also at the end of a project with penetration testing.


What is different with us