Digital investigations / Forensics

You fell victim of an intrusion or any computer security incident into your information system: workstations, server, website, cell phone, IPBX. You suspect an identity fraud or a theft of confidential documents. AlgoSecure is one of the few companies in our area to be certified in computer forensics by an internationnally-renown organism (GIAC).

We can help you recover digital evidence a posteriori, complying with standard legal procedures so that these evidences can be usable by a jury during an inquest or a lawsuit.


  • We piece together the chronology of events
  • We list the actions an attacker may have performed
  • We comply with the processes of sealing evidences
  • We secure the gathered data

In order to not compromise the digital evidence you may have, it is very important to act quickly and to comply with certain protocols. So, in case of a computer security incident, don't hesitate to call us as soon as possible!