Algosecure's PASSI Qualification

AlgoSecure has been qualified PASSI (Information Systems Security Audit Provider) since November 2020. This security VISA issued by the ANSSI attests to our skills and know-how as auditors, but also to the care we take with the confidentiality of sensitive data to which we may have access during our services at clients In addition, this qualification attests to our compliance with the audit standard ISO 19011. We are qualified on the following scopes (Four of the five scopes of the ANSSI standard):

PASSI qualification, a demanding process

Obtaining the PASSI qualification means that auditors mandated by the ANSSI came audit our structure and our processes: equipment used, security of premises, configuration of the information system... AlgoSecure audit team members also passed written exams and then validated an oral interview on skills and their ability to conduct a PASSI IT security audit.

The guarantees of a PASSI audit

  • Conditions for conducting secure audits: the audit respects the highest possible level of quality and security with internal protection measures for the information system handling the data of the audited companies
  • A respected methodology: quality requirements, contractual aspects, legislation/regulation and impartiality.
  • Auditors with the required skills: our auditors are also PASSI qualified as individuals.
  • Secure and confidential data: information protection (at the Restricted Distribution level).

PASSI qualification: mandatory for Vitality Operators

Vital Importance Operators (VIOs) are required to solicit a PASSI qualified provider as part of the Military Programming Law (MPL) for the security of their information systems. The main issue is to guarantee the continuity of activities identified as vital for the proper functioning of the nation.


PASSI qualification is the surest way to give guarantees to the companies that call on us, whether it be technical or legal. Not only are the audits carried out according to the rules of the art, but we also guarantee the security of the management and conservation of the collected data. So it's definitely a label of trust for our customers!

View our PASSI qualification certificate

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