Our company's vision

What is our role as a company? This question is fundamental and influences our way of being, of building ourselves, of acting and of projecting ourselves.

AlgoSecure, a company with a mission

AlgoSecure has begun the process of becoming a company with a mission by inscribing its raison d'être and its social and environmental objectives in its statutes. This choice to make AlgoSecure a company with a mission is a logical extension of the company's commitment to society since its creation in 2008.

The mission-based company is built around 4 key elements:

  • The raison d'être, which corresponds to the long-term project in which the company's corporate purpose fits;
  • The goals, which correspond to the social and environmental objectives that the company is committed to pursuing in the conduct of its business;
  • The Mission Committee, specific governance exclusively in charge of mission monitoring;
  • The audits by an independent third-party organization, which assesses the overall consistency of the project, the proper execution of the objectives, and the relevance of the chosen indicators.


Our raison d'être

Contribute to IT security, promoting human and knowledge sharing.

Our social and environmental objectives

Human capital is an area we focus on. We strive to create a fulfilling work environment. The values of fairness and respect are paramount to us.

By placing innovation at the heart of the company, AlgoSecure is investing in the future. We contribute to the open source ecosystem and the advancement of knowledge. As such, we participate in the development of a vulnerability monitoring platform, and each year we donate part of our profits to various creators in the open source world. Examples of projects supported:

  • GoPhish - Phishing campaign simulations for employees awareness
  • KeePass - KeePass Password Storage Vault
  • MobSF - Suite of tools for static and dynamic analysis of mobile applications
  • Mozilla - Mozilla, publisher of Firefox and Thunderbird, among others
  • python-docx/python-pptx - Python modules to analyze and generate Excel and Powerpoint files
  • VeraCrypt - Encryption tool for disks and disk partitions

In the same way, in order to share knowledge, enrichment and proximity, we are very involved in the cyber community (Cyber Campus, networks such as Digital League, Adira, Minalogic...), and share our experience feedback every month during our MLSSI (Lyon Security Mornings).

Thanks to a collaborative work mode, everyone can express their ideas and is involved in the company's strategy. We operate in project mode; it is the most competent person who leads the project.

At AlgoSecure, there are no company car. We reimburse up to €500 for the purchase of a bicycle or scooter to get to work.

As a digital player, we are the first to be concerned by its impact on the environment. On a daily basis, we are involved in the rational management of material and computer tools.

Through this mission, we want to collectively participate in building a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Our other commitments

Responsible Suppliers Relationship Policy


Designed in 2010 by the Médiation Inter-entreprises and the CDAF, the Responsible Suppliers Relationship Policy aims to encourage companies to adopt responsible purchasing practices towards their suppliers. As a signatory of this charter, we are implementing a progress approach towards our suppliers, especially small and medium-sized companies.

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