Who we are : an IT security company

Who are we ?


Nous sommes une entreprise de sécurité informatique lyonnaise spécialisée dans la sécurité des systèmes d’information. Notre entreprise a été fondée en 2008 par un ingénieur en cybersécurité, toujours en poste aujourd’hui. Désireux de nous développer autour d’une croissance organique maîtrisée, notre structure a su rester à taille humaine tout en s’implantant au cœur de Lyon Part-Dieu, avec des antennes à Paris et Grenoble.

This allows us to be a breeding ground for cybersecurity skills. We are members of the CLUSIR, participate at OzSSI, at the FIC, at ethical hacking challenges (Insomni'Hack, Hack In Paris...), and are partners of multiple clubs and schools in the cybersecurity domain (ENSIBS, INSA Lyon ...). We acknowledge the importance of innovation and training.

Our activity consists of accompanying you by making our security expertise available in your projects. Whether it's infrastructures or applications, we work to improve the security level of information systems. This is made possible by our various services: security audits, penetration tests, project management assistance, training, securization guides, establishment of a security policy of information systems, intrusion detection, risk analysis, or supervision of security of information systems.

We ensure our independence from editors and manufacturers: to this end, we don't belong in any company groups and don't depend on any partnership. This allows us to successfully carry out our missions of cybersecurity counseling and personnel delegation

We started the process to be certified PASSI (Prestataires-Auditeurs de la Sécurité de Systèmes d'Information) by the ANSSI. ANSSI (Agence Nationale pour la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information) is the national referer in France for every cybersecurity issues. This agency can deliver, after a rigorous and long examination, the PASSI certification. In order to obtain this certification, we conform to the frame of reference published by ANSSI.

Les bureaux de l'entreprise

Nos consultants apprécient leur métier, et aiment également en parler ! Découvrez ci-dessous l'interview de l'un d'entre eux, Fabien, pentesteur chez AlgoSecure.

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