Security trainings and awareness of cyber risks

Teaching IT security to your staff

Formation et sensibilisation à la sécurité informatique

We provide different trainings, depending on the target audience: advanced security trainings for your technical staff, as well as security trainings for your users.

Our security trainings raise awareness among your standard users in various domains:

  • Workstation security
  • Password strategy
  • Detect phishing and social engineering attempts
  • How to behave on social networks
  • Online security habits
  • How to react in case of an attack

Each training session is customized according to the security policies in place within your company.

For your technical staff, we invite you to take a look at our cybersecurity trainings catalog in partnership with HS2 (Hervé Schauer Sécurité), in French.

Phishing campaign statistics

We offer our client to simulate phishing campaigns against their employees in order to get an insight into the vulnerability of the company regarding this threat. Two phishing campaigns are usually launched: one before the training, and one after, in order to evaluate the effect of the training on the employees' awareness. We gathered below the results of the last phishing campaign that we performed.

Users targeted
Opened emails
Clicked links
Passwords obtained

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