Cybersecurity contracting authority support

Cybersecurity contracting authority support

We often see security implemented at the end of a project, like a varnish or a finishing touch that would bring the project to a close. Unfortunately, at this stage, it is often too late: the technical choices have been made, the budget has been allocated, and the deadlines have already been exceeded. This is why it is crucial to integrate security as early as possible in IT projects. We can help you take into account cybersecurity constraints at the design phase of a project.

Below are example of contracting authority support missions:

  • Support to make a document explaining the good security practices.
  • Support for the writing of a specification file covering a security need
  • Defining an strategic guidance note destined for a decision maker. The note describes:
  • - A multi-criteria weighting grid presenting a synthesis of the market offer that can meet the requirements defined in the strategic guidance note.
  • - A solution choice file describing the functional and technological characteristics of each solution
  • - A file defining the qualification procedures of the solution: the context (use cases, architectural environment, range of appliances, rules implemented in test...) and the acceptance tests of the solution

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