Our consulting services

Our defensive team offers you numerous consulting missions for the security of your information system. Do you need assistance in achieving ISO 27001 certification ? You wish to use our services in forensic? Are you looking for a technical cybersecurity solution and you do not know where to start?
Browse the details of our Blue Team missions and discuss together how to secure your information systems.

Security assistance

AlgoSecure helps you secure your information system: architectural conception, equipments' integration, security policy implementation, business continuity...

Support for the ISO 27001 standard

We accompany you through the implementation of an Information Security Management ISO/CEI 27001, from the study to the certification, and the retention of it.

Integrating security products

We study with you the security needs of your information system, then choose the most appropriate solution: firewall, SEIM, IPS/IDS... before setting it up on your infrastructure.

Digital investigation / Forensics

We carry out digital investigations after a security incident in order to determine the way the attack took place and the security flaws that were used.

Training and awareness

The technical aspect of security is important, but the human aspect is essential as well. We train your users in order to help them acquire the necessary security reflexes.

Security monitoring

Our supervision platform can allow you to supervise the entirety of your information system in order to detect technical malfunctions and security threats.

Risk analysis

We help you evaluate the risks that are cast on your systems, and establish a plan in order to deal with these risks.

Contracting authority support

We help you integrate security at the beginning of your projects.

DPO/GDPR conformity services

We have an external DPO service, and we help you for your GDPR issues.

Ransomware assistance

If you're infected with a ransomware, or want to avoid to be in the future, we give you advices that may help.

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