Industrial systems audits

Industrial systems

Industrial networks can often be found in sensitive environments, such as power stations and factories. The companies or public organisation managing those environments can be the victim of targeted attacks on their supply chain, that aim at compromising the overall security of their information system and possibly stop the production chain.

Industrial networks are sensitive systems that, due to stability constraints, often use obsolete protocols that do not implement encryption nor authentication, such as the S7 protocol or modbus.

Due to their low level of security and their importance to the overall organization, those industrial networks must be isolated both from the Internet and the internal company network.

Thus, our intrustion tests mostly aim at checking the level of protection of the industrial network, and the security level of the gateways that allow accessing it. Indeed, some workstations or other components might have to communicate with the industrial network, notably to monitor and supervise the operations. If one of these components is compromised by an attacker, it can be used as a rebound on the production environment.


Another thing to consider are updates that need to be delivered. They can be installed by USB key, which implies a physical access to machines as well as connecting an external device that potentially carries threats. We can check that upadates procedures are defined, and that they require the use of a USB key cleaning device.

Sometimes, laptops and workstations may need to connect to the industrial network. However, an "asynchronous malware" on these machines could allow an attacker to gain access to the production environment. We can perform a workstation audit to check that their configuration matches the industry's best practices, and reduce or even eliminate risks of compromise by an attacker.

Before starting of those intrusion tests, we establish the objectives of the test with our customers to match their needs, and gaining a privilege access to the SCADA administration network is often the most important one.

As part of the programme “Osez l'industrie du futur”, La Région and L'État accompany you in your digital project with funding of up to 50% in the form of a grant (within the limit of 16,000 euros). As such, Algosecure has been selected by La Région to carry out audit missions in cybersecurity for industrial SMEs/ITEs in the Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region.

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At the end of the tests, a detail audit report is provided in order to list vulnerabilities as well as corrective actions.

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