Security assistance

AlgoSecure helps you secure your information system: architecture design, choice and intergation of security solutions, security policy, business continuity planning...


Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service allows you to see vunerabilities within your network, website or servers, so we can then help you get rid of these vulnerabilities.


Integration of security solutions

We work together to establish your security needs, then choose, install and configure the most appropriate solution (firewall, SIEM, IPS/IDS...) into your information system.



After a security incident that occurred in your company, we follow the path of an attacker to determine the process of the attack and the vulnerabilities that were exploited.


Security trainings

The technical aspect of security is important, but so is the human factor. We adapt to the level of your users to help them acquire IT security habits and reflexes.



Our monitoring platform will allow you to monitor your information system in order to spot dysfunctions and security threats.